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Suzuki S-Cross China

A Suzuki car designed to express “emotions” with dynamic lines that flow from front bumper to the rear of the car. Suzuki’s concept car belonging is designed to express emotions because it has a revolutionary and futuristic design for a crossover. Suzuki Cross has a long S-4310, lebar1.840, height 1,600, wheelbase of 2,600. S-Cross is […]

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Mitsubishi Outlander United

Mitsubishi Outlander shows the newest GT car. Mitsubishi Outlander car looks more manly, ferocious and delicate design attached to the Outlander. Mitsubishi Outlander shown on world debut at the Los Angles. The lines are soft design makes this car look elegant. Outlander issued in two engine options, the first one has the power 166 bhp […]

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Being a Mainstay of Honda Jazz

It seems that car enthusiasts of Honda is still high. Seen from the sale of Honda Jazz are able to sell 2535 units in November 2012 yesterday. In November 2012 December Jazz highest contribution to the sales of Honda. Throughout the month of November 2535 December sales of Honda Jazz units sold. Honda jazz orders […]

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Luxury SUV Ready to Sign Indonesia

PT Graundauto Dynamics (GAD), which is the newest plants in Indnesia plans to issue a luxury SUV. In the wilds of Indonesia will launch six models of Fee Lander, Discovery, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Evoque, Devender, and the all-new Range Rover. The six models to be launched in the GAD Indonesia market entry premium […]

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Chevrolet Aveo car Youth

Since the release of the Chevrolet’s car got a very in among young people. The car is a chevy Aveo. Silence is achieved thanks to the Aveo cars Quiek Ride Technology that reduce road and wind noise to create an adequate cabin acoustics. Chevy Aveo is an American car manufacturer capable of producing maximum power […]

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